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About Aquafield Training...

Aquafield Training is accredited by the Qualsafe Chartered Institute of Environment Health as a training centre.

We have taught 1000’s of candidates over the years. Our courses assist employers in complying with Health & Safety Law, and allow candidates to develop transferable skills they can use at work, home and leisure.

With backgrounds in Industry, Ambulance Service, Community Response, Nursing, Medicine and Special Effects Make-up, Aquafield tutors are professionally qualified trainers and assessors who are passionate about their subjects.

We aim to provide an enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile training experience. We believe that candidates should not feel pressurised, ‘put on the spot’ or stressed.

Additional Services & Information:

First Aid in the Work PlaceFirst Aid in the Workplace
Casualty Simulation and make-upCasualty Simulation and make-up
First Aid coverFirst Aid Cover for Events
Risk assessments and adviceRisk assessments and advice
First Aid equipmentFirst Aid Equipment Supplies

We want our candidates to feel at ease, enabling them to give their full attention to developing their understanding and skills in the subject. Then, when required they can use their skills confidently and effectively.

CIEH Accredited Centre CIEH Registered Centre Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre
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